10.04 LTS LucidLynx alpha-2

10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx on gentoo Philosophy

Have been so long, I did not update this blog, during last 2 years, the daily jobs bring me into the top of hectic, facing the experience my mind getting freeze and stuck.

During the top of hectic in end of 2009, I was just stay home and decided to visit sanctuary place http://www.ubuntu.com/ I read some article in the web and most are review of beloved ubuntu release. I have tried karmic koala and satisfy so far. on 12th January 2010, many sites informed the alpha-2 current ubuntu release LTS 10.04 codename Lucid Lynx will be available on 14th january 2010. and on the last week-end (15th january 2010) I decided to give a try to alpha-2 ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx.

For myself, I have been falling in love with gentoo flavour in linux world, due to with gentoo I learn about patienty, carefullness, well prepaparation and plan. I was far from a linux guru, in the linux space I was common user and loving linux so much. The way of installing gentoo linux, become my way of life :=)) I'm getting old and start like very much a stability, slowness, accuracy, customization, personal and Challenge

They way installing ubuntu I did is always follow gentoo philsophy. I take base system only in ubuntu terminolgy named command line system but I did not take debian due to ubuntu is the sexier face of debian.

I was shocked, after completing install base system of ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx and rebooting, no login prompt appear, I was waiting and waiting and nothing happened. Accidentally I tried to touch alt+F2 keys to check what happening and I saw login promp on the second black terminal screen foolish me.

By installing ubuntu start with base system only, I will safe a bit of hard-disk space and will not get what I dont wants. Most of computer have only 1(one) Video Card so what for I get bunch of Video cards modules given freely by ubuntu bundle, which will be never been used, just stay for nothing in our machine. With ubuntu without self-recompiling kernel only this is have chance to reduce the modules and bit slimming the kernel.

Lynx is interesting name, Lynx is used to name the fast terminal browser friends of many software developers. Myself, the animal Ioved is wharthog, but Not lynx. Assiciate into the name, Lucid Lynx will send us into common imagination of this animal :

From 10.04 LTS LucidLynx
Siberian Lynx

The face is wild looking, the most lynx all over the world having similar appearance, lynx is wild, lynx is carnivor. But Indonesian lynx is bit different, espcially the baby one.

From 10.04 LTS LucidLynx
she is cute lynx.

To encourage myself, I did not associate ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx into the wild animal. I believed very few gentleman (majority of linux users) will let lynx stay in their home.

Thus I associated the lynx image into this :

From 10.04 LTS LucidLynx
Ms Caludia Lynx, Hot Iranian Artist

I believed 97 of 100 gentleman ubuntu's user will be happy to let she stay in their home.

At the point of time, ubuntu 10.04 LTS Claudia Lynx is on alpha-2 stage, but everything went well on my(considering) old Lenovo T61, live peacely on partition neighbourhood with gentoo. No tweaking required, all hardware perfectly detected.

In appearance matters, after familiar with gnome 2.4 with tabbed nautilus, gnome 2.8 shifted the tab in lower area of the windows.

From 10.04 LTS LucidLynx

lynx is very nice looking isn't she (?) :

From 10.04 LTS LucidLynx



  1. wheh... suwe ra krungu kabare...

  2. wah pak sabri gak kapok-kapoknya...dulu udah pernah diban dari milis id-ubuntu..=))

  3. *mimisan liat mbak liniks*

  4. wow the iranian girl looks so hot.maybe I should get more images from her in google image search. :-)



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