What Is Special for a Man

A man (for sure also a women) must have something spesial, out of his wife or her husband .. :=)) hopefully NOT a Girl or Boy FRIEND. Kids are always special for men or women. For myself, I have really special, at least I loved it. I bring almost all day everywhere, especially at work. what's that :

Here it is

After ubuntu Laptop, I have another special stuff, it was vehicle, very cheap and healthy. I ride it for fun. Do you wanna to see my Number one vehicle (?) I'd love to ride the vehicle to go to my office every working days, but to reach 22 km with this vehicle will exausting my time, so sad ......

At No choice I have to find good alternatives, its also vehicle coming from different technology effort. Most people will have no problem to reach 22 km with below vehicle.

But the problem ..... nothing special at the Black one, all very common. so many people, so many men, so many women drive on it. Most Machines are mass production (unless if there were a word BENTLEY or ROLLS ROYCE on it. To customize the interior will also NOT EASY and very costly, really different with a Laptop, you can customized in very special and cheap way.

Very Special

To turn the very common Black to be special, I have one way .... Look at this :


This "RELEASE" Number turn the Common to Very Special

Just to let you know, ubuntu user always know what they are doing to make a common to be special...

cheers up


  1. wew asikkk innova 8.04 hardy heron, diesel ya boss.

  2. berdasarkan data dari metro 1717 kok tdk terdaftar disistem TMC Polda Metro Jaya.
    coba kirim sms "metro b804hh" kirim ke 1717

  3. keren nomornya om, besok bikin juga ah B 810 II :D,

    TMC polda metro nya lg error kali, saya coba cek no mobil sendiri juga ga bisa...

  4. wisu16:46

    Jangkrik!!! nomore mak nyuz...


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