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I have been corrious since the Fisrt Time using Lenovo - T61. I did install gentoo 2007, ubunutu Gutsy and now Hardy Heron with kernel 2.6.24-19-generic. The wifi-led (is it the correct name ? ) in Lenovo T61, always stay in the dark. No light at all. The wifi-led is Nothing as along as you can connect wifi router and access the Net. The wifi adapter (iwlwifi 4965 a/g/n) is well functioning, since intel released their project in intellinuxwireless they provide native linux driver and merged in the kernel since 2.6.23. However the driver can not make the Led work. I have been almost a year with this situation on either ubuntu or gentoo.

I have ever heard that kamikaze kernel well equipped with wifi led patch, but I have no time to try the kernel. After Hardy Heron released, I give her try and so far satisfy with this beautifull sexy distro. By using default ubuntu kernel plus backports kernels you can have by aptituting : $ sudo aptitude install linux-backports-modules-YOUR KERNEL VERSION. The wifie led on lenovo T61 was lightening. But NO BLINKING Hardy using linux-2.6.24 as default kernel. I did recompiled the kernel, just for reducing un-neccessary drivers, options and networking tools.

what we can see in the linux-2.6.24 kernel in regards with iwlwifi ....


In my week end spare time, I visit some kernel discussion forum and found there are many additional patch and features in kernel 2.6.26 ... downloaded and compiled. There is new additional feature in regard with iwlwifi 4965 as you can see below :

after compliling and rebooting the kernel 2.6.24 ....... voila...... the wifi led BLINKING

Dunno when ubuntu going to access linux-2.6.24 for their distribution .... you must be patient to wait, if you were impatient to wait ... just get kernel 2.6.24 and compiling. so many how to in the Net to compile kernel, specially with debian/ubuntu way ...

Have a nice week end...

sir BATS


  1. kalo untuk atheros gimana ya ? ada info ndak ?
    AR5007 ndak bisa blinking juga nich

  2. To me, Wifi is the big turnoff in transitioning from Windows to Linux. Believe me, I have tried almost every new distro ever released, and have struggled to get those wifi cards work. Well, may be I should use only reliable cards, or grab those new laptops or desktops customized to linux, or ..... just stay with Windows :(

    btw, Kang, congrats for getting this thing works.

  3. Anonymous17:53

    Khub bhalo likhechhis.

  4. Anonymous18:26

    Good post. Keep posting such information on Wi-Fi.


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