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Almost all computer user required PDF Viewer, since PDF (Portable Document Format) have been one of International Industrial Standard. Adobe ( "the Inventor" ) and ledaer of PDF Viewer provider, serve Linux Platform for their product, named ACROREAD or Acrobat Reader. Gnome Desktop Environment by default using EVINCE as PDF Viewer. XPDF is also popular among the Linux users.

Acroread presented beautifull interface and appearance, evince is moderate in appearance and xpdf ...... too simple appearance.

My machine is Lenovo T61, T7500 Intel Santa Rose processor and 4 GB Physical RAM :=))

Opening ACROREAD 8 required * (eight) SECONDS from clicking document up to visible display

Evince spending 3 (three) SECONDS from clicking document up to visible display

XPDF need 1 (one) SECOND from clicking documents up to visible display.

ACROREAD is very beautifull appearance, but very slow .... comparing to the ugly XPDF. But for speed ... Nothing Compare to XPDF.

Choice are there ..... your finger decided

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  1. I stopped using Acrobat Reader after version 6. It's too bloated and slow for my old Thinkpad with only 256MB. In addition, it always "calls" home: frequently asks permission to go to the Adobe website for an update I never know whether it is useful or not. There are a lot of alternatives and I am using Foxit Reader, the light and fast (not furious though) viewer.

    Unfortunately, Adobe is not the only software maker that thinks "bloat" is beautiful. Pertinent updates demand more powerful hardware. Apple's Itunes is another app I got rid of a long ago. When will these software giants learn? Can they just release a "lite" version for people who just want it work, and work fast. Save some of those whistles and bells for those who have disposable time and resources (who are they? :-).

    However, I suspect those "bloatness" is not only due to the elements of the beautiful user interface, but more likely because Adobe got some security problems that have to be patched. It's not an open source, so who knows that the application you are using is written in "spaghetti codes." :-)

    Good luck, Kang.


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