Part - II Going to No-Multilib

After investigating, that only Linux From Scratch, Slackware, Debian, RedHat and Gentoo distro will possible currently to be built as NON-MILTILIB Linux System and Decided to hook Gentoo Linux.

Going to No-Multilib
Standard gentoo installation is Net Install. What ever Linux Live CD is usable to build gentoo system. Since what we need is just boot the machine and enable connect the internet. By using gentoo net-installer will get advantage on the gentoo tools for building gentoo system. But we can use ubuntu, openSuse, knoppix, LinuxMint or other live Distro. After booting and download stage-3 tarball and portage, with some "tar-ing" action, configure the kernel a kernel live gentoo base system will boot the system. Now the fun is begin. After emerging eselect, we can use to choose the appropriate profiles. I choosed No-Multilib one.

Time Investment
The worst thing in installing gentoo linux is in investing the time, with 768 kbps internet connection, minimum 3 (three) hours will be spent to build base system, including the compile & download time. Compile time is relative and depending on the machine specification and dependency you wish to install, for example on my machine Lenovo T61/ 4 GB RAM/ T7300 EMT64 with default PORTAGE NICENESS level or PORTAGE_NICENESS="0", requiring 3 hours to build base system. Comparing to install ubuntu, openSuse, linuxMint, Fedora, Mandriva, Balnkon, the time consumed is scary, in which other distro just need 45 minutes to have almost complete system, gentoo is NOT GOOD CHOICE.

I use the following configuration in /etc/make.conf

CFLAGS="-march=nocona -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"

LINGUAS="en en_US en_GB"
INPUT_DEVICES="keyboard mouse synaptics"

The global use flag applicable is :

USE="aac a52 acpi amd64codecs apm arts thinkpad alsa cdr dbus dvd dvdr dvdread -eds -esd -evo encode ffmpeg gtk gtk2 gnome gstreamer hal -ipv6 imagemagick jpeg jpeg2k -kde -ldap -multilib mp3 mp4 mpeg npt nptlonly ogg opengl png tiff svg -qt3 -qt4 svg tiff quicktime real vorbis v4l v4l2 truetype theora unicode vcd xvid nautilus gdm fbcon cursors icon wifi wxGTK X xulrunner xinerama mmx sse sse2 ssse3"

Gentoo mirros and rsync server :

GENTOO_MIRRORS="http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp/pub/Linux/Gentoo/ "

With certain USE Flag at /etc/portage/package.use to easier manage every package, the compile time as follows:

openOffice.org-3 with use flag : app-office/openoffice binfilter odk templates java. Compile time is : 765m 5.288s :=)
without dependencies compile time is 545 m 5.922s this is the most heaviest package to be compiled in linux system. Among 4 GB Ram the usage is 3494 MB

gnome-light with use flag standard Compile time is : 252m 53.472s

However when at first time, fresh merge gnome-light along with gentoo base-system update the compile time will be 1,110m 42.319s

xorg-server with use flag : vesa keyboard mouse synaptic
Compile time is : 100m 40.232s

email client : claws-mail, opera and mozilla-thunderbird in one merge.
Compile time is 134m 55.622s

The following is general picture in regards with compile time :

kdelibs 63m 19.519s,
k3b 17m 0.805s
gimp 26m 42.580s
kernel 16m 23.307s

When come into time investment in installing Gentoo/Linux, by having : live kernel, base-system, openOffice, gimp, gnome-light desktop environment, k3b with kde-libs as depencencies, email-client claws-mail and thunderbird, opera web-browser, xorg-server Time to compile investment about :

2,097 minutes = almost 35 hours.

Downloading and configuring time are not counted. Thus in my opinion, the minimum time to install gentoo linux is about 48 hours. Comparing to install ubuntu, openSuse, mandriva, blankon, zenwalk with about 45 minutes. Installing gentoo linux is really sucks

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  1. Such crap You wrote.

    If you dont want to use Gentoo, why do you have to be so offensive.

    Gentoo is a great distro that some people like dont understand.

    I can control every single package that I want to install instead of installing a buch of shitttt like Ubuntu does install.

    Fuck you....


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