No doubt, LINUX Operating System is a Platform nowadays. Since I'm not a technical IT person, for some definition, just based on my own opinion. Linux has been growing as real Platform and play more and more role ini IT standard industry. Linux Operating System is not merely a kernel, its complete operating system and Linux is a Platform.


Distro ini current Linux world and community facing definition and classification problem. No body or institution (Hopefully Linux Foundation) released a classification of definition of a Linux Distro. I just write a small suggestion, based on the "software management tools" and "software package format". LSF (Linux From Scratch), Slakware, Gentoo, RedHat and Debian are Linux Distro.

LSF using "pure" orthodox linux way to build a complete linux system in a machine, as well as Slackware and Gentoo with some additional valuable software management (Net-PKG and Portage. RedHat and Debian (IN MY OWN OPINION) contribute highly usable methodology and models for Linux Installation by relasing RedHat Installer and Debian Installer, equipped with Software Management Tools and Packaging System, Standard and Format. Thus these 2 distros (RedHad and Debian) brought Linux into user friendly level, eliminating "scarry" situation to install and build Linux Full System for a machine. Eventhough Slack and Gentoo provide ready for use "kernel" compilation, their default installation method is self compiling for linux "kernel". Its scarry thing for common users.


So what is Ubuntu, Zenwalk, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Sabayon, LinuxMint, BlankOn ... and friends. The development team of all these "distros" did not developing their own tools or their own format. Thus Linux Distros nowadys come into confusing definition and classification. If we were named ubuntu as a Distro, then what is the proper nome for Debian. If we bring LSF, Slakware, Gentoo, RedHat and Debian into a PLATFORM, we will have problem to distinguish and named what is LINUX.

In my humble opinion with very little knowledge in linux great world. I would like to suggest to change the name other than 5 distros into BUNDLE, therefore we will introducing ubuntu bundle, Mandriva Bundle, Fedora Bundle, Zenwalk Bundle and BlankOn Bundle. Otherwise we can search "New Name" for ubuntu, zenwalk, suse, opensuse, mandriva, fedora, BlankOn other than Linux Distro.

.... have nice week-end

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