Mr Bill Opening the Gates of Apology

Open source community in Indonesia are noisy due to the No 3 richest guy in the world visiting their country. Its not about he is rich, but due to he is owner of Microsoft Inc. But what wrong with Microsoft, nobody knows. However there is secret story, on the way from his hotel to air port, Mr Bill saw so many people in meshep-up traffic, he read news paper and knew that indonesia is in very difficult economical situation due to corruption. He feel very sad, suddently a light come from the sky and hit Mr Bill. All his guard scarry, the car is Broken, but Mr Bill is safe, he smile and went out from the luxury car. He ask for apology to all indonesian people, that he did not see people but only met with the President, Minister and other beaurocracy. He asked apologize to the God and open source community that he did not asked his "secretary' to scheduling the meeting with open source community. See below :

Mr Bill asked for apologize

After some minutes Mr Bill feel very very happy, theris no guilty feeling anymore due to he has been encourage himself to shoft his mind, he realize that his invention has no meaning for human being, its just make he and his family very rich, and some beaurocratic having opportunity to corrupt any government budget, Mr Bill alsa realize that many children who learn his invention become addicted. He called microsoft Head Quarter and instructed to destroy microsoft windows kernel, and ask all his staff to develop LINUX, change all kernel but not the application. Mr Bill than proudly announce that he is develop and use Linux now :

Sir Bill Gates with His Linux Machine

Since Mr Bill using and developing linux, he has so many friends, many people cheering him. He plan to see Indonesian Skaters and wish to make memorial photograph ... and the God bless him with opportunity to have gathering with Indonesian Skaters ... see he is happy guy now.

Happy Bill with Skaters


  1. Tulisan yang bagus :)

    Namun sbg salah satu kluweker, jujur saya kurang begitu suka jika kluwek digambarkan spt itu.

  2. serius ini pak sabri?????
    *baru tahu*

    @ nur aini rakhmawati

    itu barangkali kluwek di sono mbak, jadi agak lebih sexy dikit he he

  3. Nur Aini,

    Mohon maaf kalao saya salah dan Melewati Batas dalam Bercanda. Posting sudah saya ganti. Saya menghormati "kemungkinan" DRESS CODE yang dianut KLUWEK, sekali lagi saya mohon maaf dan posting sudah dikoreksi

    Hadi Sutedjo st Sabri

  4. Terima kasih atas koreksinya :)

    I really appreciate what you have done

  5. how dare you write a false story about Mr. Bill, the most generous man, the greatest philantropist in the planet?

    I certainly hate the way he has done his business, but I'd love to do the same way if I were in his shoes :-)
    (.... and would keep more of the fortune for myself)

    anyway, the story is just hilarious, Kang.
    and, of course, the hooters girls' gorgeous picture too *wink *wink


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