Fire and Ice

Since 12 monts ago Debian gang has very hot discussion with the Mozilla people. As a common user, I dont really understand what they wants. However the pretty sure is usage of Firefox Logo & Name in a Linux distribution.

Well finally, Debian decided to remove Firefox package from their distribution and repository. My question, will the Golden Daughter of Debian ........... miss Ubuntu follow her mother. Dropped Firefox and hooks Iceaweasel.

I personally grab iceweasel's twin sister ICECAT from GNUZILLA by the reason more familiar with cat rather than weasel.

Installing Iceaweasel by going to Debian repository and doing aptitude install iceweasel WONT never work as long as firefox exist. You have to clean up fiefox first than will be mercifully aptituding iceweasel Vise Versais this the part of the friction to sit on the default chair ?. If you were have debian base distros and wish to have both Fire & Ice grab one of them from the net and install manually. I put icecat at /usr/local

Fire, Ice & Flash
I do like Detik.Com to test a flashplayer on browser since the home-page applies many of annoying flash image. After doing fresh install the browser, went there and we will know the browser required a plugin. Here is the icecat, without flash-player plugins.

On ICECAT, by clicking install missing plugins the browser will search required plugins and show a window : pinted to the required plugins is Gnash

But on FIREFOX the same window pointing required plugins is Adobe Flash Player as default and Gnash as option.

Fire & Ice LOGO
I cant help my .smilling watching Firefox, Iceweasel, Icecat LOGO since i saw the one typical logo. I beleived there is historical value reasoning the logo designer can not DROP the Globe Image or could be there is hate and love relationship among the developers. they must be friend's to each other for long time.

Hopefully both gang will come into comprehensive solutions and continue good works supporting open source.

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