If you were a gamer - Play evil role

MSI 945PL-Neo is a motherboard we have, with intel@945PL Chipset; Radeon X550 (saphire) Graphic Card; RealTek 8169 ethernet NIC, Linksys WPCI-G wireless adaptor, ver 2.2. Connected to LCD Monitor Philips 170B. This machine have been powered by DapperDrake, EdgyEft and FeistyFawn for about 12 months. Everything goes well. I used this for accomodate dily works, running a small shipping agency business. Now, I have T61-Lenovo. I wish to turn the desktop into Public Machine. I have discussed with most persons in the office; what they wants? We decided to use the machine to control HP OfficeJet all-in One 5510 which was only accomodate printing job satisfactorily by ubuntu. Sure, the FAX function works, and scanning job works; but the problem. The OfficeJet 5510 can not scan with *.pdf output satisfactorily. First problem, the file size is about 350 kb per sheet, terrible since we have to scan between 12-58 sheets at every set of shipping documents and will be transmitted as email attachement. It's the reason there is single machine with dual boot winxp home edition & edgyEft in this office.

After the deal to use this MSI Desktop for public machine. I started to back-up all data, toke out a wonderfull expensive CD from the drawer : Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 2; we bought in singapore on usd 139. wondefull, there is a hologram and very nice package with luxury manual booklet dominated by green and blue colour. Nice appearance sticker with many of magic number :=)). Boot the machine from optical drive, and set-up configure the machine. Just remembering, when installing ubuntu on live mode, we can browse internet site while waiting the system configuring our machine, I can't do same on winxp. Hard-drive is Maxtor 160 GB, partition distributed to 20 GB for system (C) and 140 GB for data storage, both use NTFS (Not Too Friendly System). On the middle of installation process, set-up requesting to key in the magic number, I found on the sticker and start key-in. When I click "Next" Button, surprised ... a pop-up appear and informed INVALID SERIAL NUMBER. Nothing can do !!! read the brochure and there is phone number we can call if something wrong happed I lived in Tuban - East Java and the number indicate 65 as country-code. I have to make international call then. OK ... I called the number, nice sexy lady voice pick-up the phone with friendly salution. I have to explain bla bla bla ... she transfered the phone to a western style man voice I explained again bla bla bla, the serial number is not work. He ask so many questions, in regard with the booklet, sticker, number, version etc etc. I have to be very patient. He gave another serial number, great !!! key in the number into magic box and installation continued. I went out to enjoy a cup of coffee and cigarette. Machine reboot, and finalizing installation. You all aware, the meaning of finalizing is waiting another 47 minutes :=))

Reboot again, and I did not realize, no sound at all during booting process. Some offer to register and seting-up computer appear on the window. I choosed to skip everything. Logged-in into the greatest desktop system in the world, but only 800x600 px resolution appear. just to remind you, fesityFawn gave u better resolution on very beginning boot-up 1024x768 px. Right click on the desktop, choose properties, click setting tab, slid to get proper resolution 1280x1024 px. NOT WORK resolution fall back to 1028x768. I knew the problem, No Radeon graphic driver to be install yet; its just a test. click start button, go to my computer>properties. Choose Hardware Tab, click Device Manager; then we can see, ethernet, network adapter, audio device, sm bus controller with Big Question Mark Icon its mean winxp pro edition also did not recognize this device. Inserted Linksys WPCI-G product CD. Right click network adapter>update driver, choose automatic installation. Set-up found easily Linksys WPCI-G network adapter. An Icon appear in the system tray and starting look-for router. click connect and I can connect the net now. Toke out linksys CD and insert MSI CD as instead, right click all device under big question mark icon to update driver. Everything goes well.

Reboot your machine, now a great orchestra music present following the machine boot up. Beautifull music arrange by New York Philharmonic (?). Resolution is not satisfactorily yet. On the MSI Product CD, a link provided to download Radeon X550 driver. I went there and download the display driver; save in a folder and double click 7-10_xp32_dd_53250.exe file; after installation monitor will blinking, turn to dark and excellent appearance presents, now resolutions is 1280x1024 px; clear and bright :=)).

Most computer user wish to have Microsoft Office suite, but I dont have the CD Installation. I have one at Home, I bought at usd 210 in Hong Kong 3 years ago. Ok then, go to openoffice.org site and download free-ly openoffice 2.3 at 103 MB file size. The standard procedure for ms windows user, after install os software is install ANTIVIRUS. Dunno how brave you are; but I'm not that brave to let a windows system with-out antivirus. I have one copy of Symantec Antivirus 2007, I bought at usd 16 on a discount shop at Jakarta. But again, I dont know where is the Installation CD. Went to AVIRA sites and download Avira Personal Edition for free :=)).

I think, I got LINUX DESEASE I want everything free of charge for software.

OK ! Never mind. What else (?) I need PDF Converter. Seek into bunch of CD stock and one copy of Adobe Professional 7 laid there. Thankd God !!! but The God may not accept my thanks, since what? This is cracked pirated installation CD with key generator inside. I went to the net the copy cost is usd 147 - 448. Let say the moderate price is usd 200. I wish to be evil rather than pay usd 200 for this software :=(.

I start to count
windows xp pro : usd 139/ microsoft office suite : usd 210/ adobe professional 7 suite usd 200/ symantec antivirus 2007 usd 16/ It mean I have to spend usd 565 to enable used the computer safely with minimum software. I even get new low-end lap-top with usd 565.

shall I be an evil ???

My friends start using the machine, he surf the web with incredible browser Internet Explorer 6. He is daily linux user. He interested to get free download offer for Jenifer Aniston sexy screen-saver He downloaded and start install. He did again many of free download offer and installed, when Antivirus alerted, he ignored and just installed.

After 3 hours; I did a virus scan .... so many trojan dropper, worm, spyware found. Nothing can do, we reinstalled the machine and repeated the evil jobs he he he he. My friend decided just download from trusted sites, installed Nokia PC Suite and other application to enhance Nokia Phones. Cracking games applications. sssttt he learned google hacking almost everyday at day dark with his LinuxMint Machine. I asked him, do you want to shift your lap-top with windows xp professional? He said " Better No , I used this laptop for work " with big smile.

I can say, with that costly software you got only Nice appearance and Possibility to install great games application is it worthy (???) the answer is in your Healthy Mind and Pocket

For ubuntu USERS
If you found, your graphical appearance not satisfy, because your graphic card vendor did not provide u driver for ubuntu; your wireless adapter not work properly, due to wireledd adapter vendor did not give you driver for ubuntu, your machine soundless, due to sound card vendor did not provide you proper driver. You cant play with your Nokia Toys, due to Nokia did not prived PC Suite for Ubuntu. Bear in Mind Canonical Ltd, the ubuntu developer and many of volunteer all over the world, will assist to make your ubuntu machine appear nicely and usable. Just always remember, Ubuntu is a part of Linux Community. Keep in touch with them, you will be fine.

Viva Open Source which safe your pocket and prevent you to go to the hell via shortcut highway :=)).

If you believed GOD is exist; use linux. If u wanna have wide-range friends, use UBUNTU

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